Monday Morning Mojo: Making It Your Best Year Yet!


“…but Tom, you just don’t understand…I have no more band width. I want to create a plan to be the best I can be in my F5 (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance)…I want to take time every day to focus on being the best I can be…I want to have an awesome life, but I’m maxed out.” And so it goes…a life that every minute actually starts to lose purpose…a body and soul which when is not stretched and used does not stay the same, but actually minute by minute starts to crumble and deteriorate. It is so sad to see…people dying right in front of you. It’s a disease…it’s not cancer, heart disease, or some other one we hear about all of the time. I’m not even sure what to call it…maybe the purposeless epidemic. And the purposeless epidemic is what leads to all of the diseases we hear about all of the time. The purposeless epidemic is the #1 killer in the world!!!!

Do you ever look around and see those people who just look like they have given in? I am at that funny age (50…soon to be 51) where it’s like we are at that tipping point…where everything is magnified and starts to show, good or bad. You know what I am talking about…you know the kind of people I am talking about…heck; you may be one of them. They just don’t seem to care about much of anything anymore…they certainly don’t care about themselves anymore…they just say to themselves “screw it”…they let gravity take control mentally and physically. It’s like they are getting sucked into their grave a tiny bit every day. You can see it in their eyes…their posture, with their shoulders slumped forward over their belly…their skin starts to get this dull color…the way they dress…the way they take care of themselves…the way they talk. Their smile has turned into a frown…they just act and look like they have given in and aren’t going for it anymore. On the other hand, there are those few who are also at that tipping point, but when you see them, they inspire you. You know the ones…every time you are around them they put a smile on your face…they almost seem to be like an electrical outlet you can plug into and get charged up…they have that glow, they are fired up and loving life…the ones that are going for it and make the right turn at the Y’s in their life.

I often talk about how life is a continuous series of Y’s in the road…the key is when you get to the Y’s, 99% of the time you don’t want to go with the flow…you don’t want to follow the pack because they will lead you right off the cliff…you need to break away and go the hard way, up the mountain…in the end it is where all of the rewards are. Unfortunately, because most people don’t ever have a breakthrough and take the right turn at the “Y” is why I think so many people struggle with one or more of their F5.

Here are a few ideas to consider implementing this week:

  • You aren’t going to find more time in one big chunk…you need to find all of the little places you can save time. Let me share a story about when I was working out during lunch years ago. I was a member of 24 Hour Fitness which was about a 7 minute drive from my office, but I worked out at this little, dark, old gym we called “The Stinky Shoe”. It was right around the corner from my office. Everyone always asked “why don’t you just drive the extra 5 minutes to 24 Hour Fitness? …It is so much nicer.” Here was my rational: I was working out 5 times a week and it took me an extra 5 minutes each way if I went to 24 Hour Fitness, which was 10 minutes a day…doesn’t sound like much, does it? Well 10 minutes a day = 50 minutes a week = 43 hours a year. Basically those 5 extra minutes each way equaled a week per year. How many “Stinky Shoes” do you have in your life? Find all of your “Stinky Shoes”…I will bet you have at least half a dozen of them every day…there is at least an extra hour.
  • Another easy one to do is spend a few hours and clean up your personal spaces that clutter your mind, distract you, drain you and take your time. Those personal spaces are your bedroom and bathroom (including closets and drawers), your car and your office at home or your place of employment. What do your personal spaces say about you?
  • Write down everything…get it out of your head. People spend too much time every day taking time trying to figure out what to do next. Have a list or journal where you write things down and keep a schedule…then put everything in them. Once you start doing this, all you have to do is take action and create efficiencies in everything you do.
  • Take action…don’t procrastinate. Assess the situation, make a decision and take action. If you make a mistake, fix it quickly and move on…speed is the key. You are better off making 10 decisions and only getting 7 or 8 of them right than taking that same amount of time to make 1 or 2 decisions you know are right. You will make 6 or 7 more right decisions in the same amount of time. Procrastination is probably one of the biggest time killers. Take action…massive action all of the time!!!!
  • Speed up…walk 10% faster. As crazy as it sounds, it will rub off on everything you do and you will find you are doing everything 10% faster.
  • Don’t just make small changes…make Radical Changes. Dr. Dean Ornish, a professor of medicine at the University of California at S.F. and founder of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute found that radical, sweeping changes are often easier for people than small incremental ones. For example, he says that people who make moderate changes in their diets get the worst of both worlds: They feel deprived and hungry because they aren’t eating everything they want, but they aren’t making big enough changes to quickly see an improvement in how they feel, or in measurements such as weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  • Another thing Dr. Ornish discovered is that joy is a more powerful motivator than fear. So, you need to focus on being joyful and feeling good, which is the reason we are doing all of this “stuff” to begin with. The better you feel, the more attractive you are and feel…the more attractive you are and feel, the more productive you are…the more productive you are, the better your results…the better your results, the better you feel. Not sure what to call it, but let’s call it the success cycle.

The funny thing is all this stuff we are doing to have a better life, even though it takes time, gives us more energy, makes us feel better and gives us clarity which makes us more effective, efficient and positive…which gives us more time. So, make the commitment to give a little time to making an awesome life and watch how much time it makes.

Weekend Wellness: Homeopathic cold elixirs…a fighting chance


Seems like half the people I know right now have a cold or the flu. I am a strong believer in Ginger (#5 but is #1 on my list) as a powerful cold elixir, but in some fun research I found homeopathic remedies I thought I’d pass along. Since every person is different and have a variety of health variables, please do your own research and check with your doctor to ensure these are right for you!

1) Vitamin D. Vitamin D is perhaps the most overlooked, and yet arguably one of the most effective, remedies for treating the common cold. Although it works better as a preventive regimen, taking higher than normal doses of vitamin D3 daily — some experts recommend taking 10,000 international units (IU) or more of vitamin D3 every day — can help reduce cold and flu symptoms and get you back to normal health much more quickly than without them. (

2) Apple cider vinegar. Cold viruses tend to put the body into an overly acidic state, which makes it that much more difficult for the immune system to fight disease. But taking apple cider vinegar, a powerful alkalizing food, will help not only kill a cold but also squash its miserable symptoms. Mixing a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water, honey, and lemon, and drinking the concoction several times a day will have you back to health in no time. (

3) Vitamin C. A powerful immune booster, vitamin C is a go-to remedy for both preventing and treating colds. Some experts recommend taking up to 2,000 milligrams (mg) or more of non-genetically-modified (non-GMO) ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate every two hours while suffering cold symptoms. Other vitamin C options include camu camu and acerola cherry powders, as well as “liposomal” vitamin C preparations. (

4) Honey. A powerful soothing and healing agent, raw honey or bee pollen from untainted bees can go a long way in boosting immunity and treating cold symptoms. Its diverse array of antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial nutrients make honey an excellent cold medicine that mixes well with other cold remedies such as apple cider vinegar and lemon. (

5) Ginger. Another powerful, soothing agent, ginger root is a powerful healer with amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Because it targets stomach upset, those suffering from cold symptoms that involve digestion can experience dramatic relief from taking ginger. Ginger also helps warm the body, which is highly effective at promoting perspiration and the expelling of toxins and other harmful invaders. (

6) Zinc. Often sold in syrup or lozenge form for such purposes, zinc has been scientifically shown to help combat the sniffling, sneezing, and coughing symptoms typically associated with colds. Zinc is also a powerful immune-boosting trace element that facilitates the proper function of more than 3,000 proteins in the body, as well as the promotion of healthy digestive function, which is where the bulk of immunity lies. (

7) Echinacea. A 2007 study out of the University of Connecticut found that supplementing with Echinacea herb not only reduces your chances of developing a cold by more than 50 percent, but can also shorten the duration of cold symptoms by several days. Because it stimulates the immune system and promotes the activation of T-cells, Echinacea is an excellent cold remedy, especially when combined with many of the other remedies listed in this report. (

8) Neti pot. If stuffed-up sinuses are one of your primary ailments, using a neti pot to clear them out is an easy, natural way to help you get back on your feet. Just fill a sanitized neti pot with warm water and about one teaspoon of sea salt, and gently pour it down your sinuses. Besides clearing out your nasal passages, the cleansing salts will also help eliminate bacteria and other harmful pathogens. (

9) Oil of oregano. Rich in four specific groups of chemicals that synergistically promote healing and strong immunity, essential oil of oregano is unparalleled in its ability to both prevent harmful viruses from taking hold, and eradicating existing viruses such as the common cold. The natural terpene chemicals found in oil of oregano exhibit powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity, while carvacrol, the primary active ingredient in oil of oregano, fight off harmful pathogens. (

10) Coconut oil. This elixir from the coconut palm is one of the most powerful, natural antiviral compounds known to man. Coconut oil has an amazing ability to target virtually any virus, including cold viruses. Rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), coconut oil absorbs directly into viral cells where it breaks apart and disintegrates the protective coating of the virus, effectively killing it. Take a tablespoon or two daily of extra virgin coconut oil, particularly at the onset of cold symptoms, can effectively thwart the virus from taking hold and running its course. (

Learn more:

Cool Apps: Better Sleep Means a Better You in 2015


It’s the beginning of a new year. That means, new goals, new commitments, a chance to start fresh. For most people this includes goals of losing weight, eating healthier, or being more productive; making the most of your day to be the best person you can. Why not start each day with a better night so you can accomplish these goals well rested and energized? Your standard alarm clock just won’t do when it comes to this, but Sleep Cycle does. The app tracks your sleep patterns, waking you up in the lightest sleep phase closest to when your alarm is set to go off.

Sleep CycleSo why is it important that you wake up in the lightest sleep phase? Well, our bodies go through a cycle when they are asleep, moving from light sleep to deep sleep and occasionally going into REM-sleep (a dream state). A normal alarm clock doesn’t take any of these phases into account. It just simply goes off at the specific time you set no matter what stage of sleep you’re in. Waking up in the middle of the deep sleep phase can cause a great disruption in your sleep pattern resulting in the sluggish, sleep deprived feeling so many of us are familiar with.

Sleep Cycle takes all of this into consideration using a 30 minute alarm window that ends at your set alarm time and wakes you up in your lightest sleep place. The result: a more refreshed, well-rested you and a more productive energetic day. Just think of all that you could accomplish when you’re at your best from the start of the day! All of this for only $.99.

Monday Morning Mojo: Embrace It!


When you woke up this morning, where you fired up and excited to improve…fired up to find a way to do it different…fired up to do it better…fired up to be innovative…fired up to change? So many people fight it…trying to stay the same and play it safe because either things are okay and it’s working or things are so bad they just don’t want to do anything to make it worse…they don’t want to rock the boat, take risks, and ruin a good thing or make a tough situation worse. Unfortunately, if we don’t look for a better way…trying to improve every day, we will wake up one day and everything around us will have changed and it will be too late…it will seem like it happened overnight without warning and what caused our success in the past, both personally and professionally, will be the cause of our demise.

Change is an exciting thing when we just let go and don’t fight it…the opportunities are endless and everything will just flow. However, if we resist and fight, we are in for a battle filled with disappointments and hard work that don’t produce much of anything. It is like standing on a railroad track trying to stop a train going 100 mph…you just can’t do it…its not possible. So, we can either jump on the train and enjoy the ride or get run over…it’s our choice.

Embrace change…take risks…work on getting better…work on improving yourself in all areas of your life and business every day. If you haven’t noticed, the world is changing around you every minute of every day whether you change or not. So, you can stay the same, falling behind and become more vulnerable…or change and experience the possibilities. Don’t fight it…embrace it!!!!

Make it a Powerful week!!!!!

Weekend Wellness: What’s Your Recipe


Do you have a favorite recipe? I personally love this carrot ginger soup one of my girlfriends made for me a few years back. She bought all the ingredients (from a local organic market), cooked it for half her day and created the most amazing soup I’ve ever tasted…and I’m not particularly a “soup person”!

My point? She knew what she wanted to create. She knew how it was supposed to taste. She knew, for the outcome to turn out like she was hoping it would, she needed the right ingredients, she needed the necessary kitchen items and she needed the hours to invest in the recipe. With focus, skill, following directions, adding in a little of her own flair and taking the time needed, she introduced me to perfection!

Our goals are like a recipe. To achieve what we want in life, we must take the time to write out the ingredients, shop for them, have the right tools to manifest them and take the time and patience to finish the project.

We might have recipes (or goals) that we add a little dash of cinnamon to when it calls for nutmeg (so to speak), or we might turn the oven on higher to cook something faster (knowing it might not turn out exactly right…yet we need to get it finished), but we have to follow some assembly of a recipe to get the meal (goal) that we want to enjoy.

Think about that! Do you have an intention without ingredients? If so, take a step back, consider what spices and elixirs would benefit your end result’s desire so you can develop and enjoy the most amazing “soup” you’ve ever had!

Cool Apps: Home Automation At CES


This past week, thousands of the world’s gadget manufactures gathered to show off their ware for the coming year at the largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, International CES. It has served as the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. This year, the buzz word across the conference was “the internet-of-things.” From wearables, light fixtures, to car tablets, this phrase found its way into every product and concept presented.

We’re super excited to see where this goes with regards to advancing home products and CES was a great peek into what we can expect in the near future. Here are some of what was introduced at this year’s show:

Alba, by Stack – The world’s first responsive light bulb will automatically turn on when you come in the room, wake you up in the morning, adjust as the room gets brighter, and saves you energy. Read More

Edyn – A smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions. The garden sensor monitors your soil and environment and gives you tips on what to plant when and what fertilizer to use. The water valve connects to your hose to track your soil moisture helping you water your garden more efficiently. Read More

Kitchen Screen – Keeps track of what groceries you need and then shop for more items. When you’re running out of something, just wave the near-empty packet or carton in front of the screen and it will read the barcode and add the item to your grocery basket. Read More

LilyPad, by Vigilant – The first smart Wi-Fi pool thermometer and UV sensor connected to your phone or tablet. Worried the water’s too cold at the pool? Or that the kids are getting to much sun exposure? LilyPad will keep track of both of these for you while you’re having fun in the sun this summer. Read More

Works with Nest – Nest, you know that great little device that brought us the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect, announced their integration with a variety of other devices including Whirlpool, Dropcam, and Philips hue. This integration, which we’re really excited about, helps your home be more thoughtful and conscious. Read More

See even more cool smart home products from CES here.

Monday Morning Mojo: Visualize it!


Happy New Year!

So…what are your big sexy goals for 2015 and beyond?  Have you taken the time to think about them, write them down, and then come up with a plan on how you are going to accomplish them?  Whatever they are, the key to achieving them is constantly burning them into our subconscious mind and then focusing on them constantly with our conscious mind.   One of the reasons I think so many of us don’t accomplish our big sexy goals in life is they aren’t really goals at all…they are simply wishes and we never take the time to figure out a way to keep them in front of us constantly.   We don’t set up a system/way to make sure they are burned into us so that we are thinking about them all of the time.

Something cool my wife did many years ago is put two bulletin boards above our desk at home.  They are really thanks, blessings, goals and vision bulletin boards.  We have pictures and stuff we are blessed to have accomplished so far, and goals/visions of things we will do in the future.   They are for the entire family.  So, if any of us want to go on a vacation some place, cut out a picture of where you want to go and pin it on the bulletin board.  If there is something cool that happened that you are proud of and want to remember it, cut it out and pin it on the bulletin board.  Friends, family and experiences you want to remember, pin the picture on the bulletin board.   It is a messy hodgepodge of great stuff and it can’t help but keep you smiling, positive, thankful and excited about the future.

Visualize it

Try it…find the spot at home where you can put a family thanks/blessings/goals/dreams bulletin board and then tell your family to have at it.  It is a fun and inspiring way to appreciate what we have and it will help us remain focused on what we want to accomplish in life.

Here is to you accomplishing all of your big sexy goals in 2015 and beyond!!!!!

Weekend Wellness: Intentions


The last week of the year. This is truly an opportunity to renew, refresh, and recreate. I’ve heard many people talk about what’s to come in the New Year and what is possible. Think about that…”what is truly possible”? That’s pretty exciting. Of course, this is something that we can design every day of the year, however New Year’s seems to be a community effort on setting intentions.

With that theme in mind, I’d love to suggest one takes some “time out” to set intentions for different areas of one’s life. For example, I write intentions for:

  •  My close relationships
  • Places I’d like to visit
  • A huge fitness goal
  • A different focus for January on my nutrition journey to learn and explore
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Doing something completely out of the box
  • My business

And many more….

Writing these intentions down helps me stay grounded and focused on what’s important to me. As the year progresses, sometimes these manifestations change. Sometimes I add more, sometimes I realize what was important in January isn’t as vital in May.   Still it gives me reelection and pause to always grow.

My personal ritual is I take time out over the New Years’ eve day and New Years’ day to write this out in a new beautiful journal dedicated to 2015. I also read through my journal from 2014 and reflect.

If this sounds like something which might help you grow, consider it! It’s fun and you will most likely dig a little deeper and pull out nuggets for the New Year which could potentially be life changing!

Happy Healthy New Year!


Cool Apps: Pay It Forward


Looking for a great and easy way to make a resolution come true this year? Well, if you’re looking for a way to give a little back to the amazing world we live in, but don’t know where to start here is your app. Here at Intero, we’re always talking about giving back to the communities in which we serve so I was excited to find an app that did just that. Based off of the idea of doing one good deed a day, Pay It Forward was developed to remind us that helping others is the best way to make this world a better place.

Every day, Pay It Forward will send you a suggestion with an act of kindness that is designed to be simple, fun and effective. If you didn’t get a chance to do the act of kindness that day, the app will hold onto that task until it is completed. You can easily track your progress as you go and share your progress with your friends and family. Get motivation from others by viewing where other good deeds are being done all over the world.

The app provides an extremely easy way for you to check off the “give back” item on your list of resolutions and just think what a difference it will make. If everyone downloaded this app and did what it said on a daily bases, I think we would definitely succeed in making the world just a little better. Such a simple thing with the potential for an amazing result. Download it now and start giving back today!

Monday Morning Mojo: Most Read Mojos of 2014


As we say goodbye to 2014 and look forward to the awesome possibilities of 2015, let’s not forget that sometimes what motivates and inspires us are the everyday acts and simple things that anyone can do to make this world and ourselves better. With this in mind we compiled a list of the most popular and inspirational Mojo’s of 2014.

  1.  Life is Like a Roll of Toilet Paper
    This past Friday I turned 50. I feel great and don’t feel 50…however that is supposed to feel, but it is still hard for me to wrap my head around. I feel like I am maybe in my mid 30’s, but 50…no way. Where does the time go? Read More
  2. Walk the Dog
    Sounds pretty daunting, doesn’t it? What would you say if I told you that it can all be accomplished by spending 30 minutes 5 times a week. I am sure most of you are skeptical. Read More
  3. Ride or Get Run Order!
    When you woke up this morning, were you fired up and excited to improve…find a way to do it different…do it better…be innovative…change? So many people fight it…trying to stay the same and play it safe because things are okay and it’s working…they don’t want to rock the boat, take risks, and ruin a good thing. Read More
  4. Let Me See Your Schedule
    Every week I meet with people who are frustrated or struggling in business/life asking me for advice on how to turn it all around. After I hear their story the first question I always ask them is let me see your schedule. That is when I typically get that blank look back at me. Read More
  5. Your Feelings Are Screwing With You
    Yes…you heard me right…your feelings are screwing you. If you listen to how you feel when it comes to getting what you want in most cases you will never get it, because most of the time you will never feel like doing what it takes to have the life, business, relationships, money, etc that you want in life. Read More

2015 is going to be a great year!