Monday Morning Mojo: Go With Your Gut


Hmmm…should I do it or shouldn’t I?

I’m going to wait and think about it for a while before I make my decision…I need to get more information.

I will get back to you on it.

I will do it tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Yeah right…sure you will. Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like you?

Well, this is how most people make decisions. They don’t make them at all because they are risk averse. Afraid of making the wrong decision, afraid of change. They just wait and wait and wait and never actually decide to do anything. That is why they continue to get what they have always gotten in life and don’t get what it is they really want.

Not being decisive and making quick decisions is one of the biggest success killers in life and business because one of the most important components to getting what you want is making a lot of decisions quickly with very little information. It’s about going with your instinct. Successful people understand that to get what you want, you must operate with a strong sense of urgency. Because to get what you want in this day and age, you must accelerate in all aspects of your life, even if it means living with a few more ragged edges.

You have to be 100% focused on action.

Successful people don’t get bogged down in endless preparation and evaluation trying to get things perfect before making a decision. Of course making smart decisions and high quality is crucial, but it must come quickly. You can’t sacrifice speed. Learn to fail fast, fix it, and race on. This is how you create radical breakthroughs.

Not only does being decisive get you in action toward accomplishing your goals, but it gets it out of your head. Think how many unmade decisions you have floating around in your head right now that are taking up space and your time.

Instead of making a decision and then actually doing something productive to accomplish your goals, you are debating all of those unmade decisions in your head all of the time whether you know it or not. Unmade decisions are the parking brake of life, let it go!

Imagine how much more productive and happy you would be if you would just make the commitment to be decisive and not waver ever again.


Here is a great piece of advice someone gave me several years ago. Don’t go with your head and don’t go with your heart because more times than not they are in conflict with one another and you will never be able to make the decision.

Go with your gut. Don’t over think it because your first instinct is almost always right. If it feels right just do it. And do it with focus and intensity. What does your gut tell you to do about each of those unmade decisions floating around in your head right now? Quit procrastinating. Just do it.

And yes if you think I am writing this to you, I am.

Make is a powerful week!!!!!

Weekend Wellness: Pumpkin Recipes


I was going to write a heady article on why exercising hard all the time can actually be toxic to our bodies….but then again, I’ll save that for another time. Instead, I thought I’d share some modifications to one of our favorite foods this time of year…pumpkin!

Try these yummy combos if you are in the mood for a little Holiday flavor,

In any of these if you want a little more sweetness, add stevia or stevia flavored drops. Cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and nutmeg are great additions too!


Pumpkin smoothie
2-3 handfuls of spinach
1/2-1 can of pumpkin puree
12 oz can of coconut water
1/2 a banana or 2 Majool dates
1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder (I like VEGA French vanilla personally)

Pumpkin chia blend
1 can pumpkin puree
2 tbsp chia seeds
8 oz water
2 oz coffee

Blend together. Lighten up on the water or add more to personal taste.

Pumpkin tofu blend
1 can pumpkin puree
1 package of soft tofu

Blend together and add water if you want it more liquefied.

Pumpkin breakfast blend
1/4 can pumpkin puree
1 cup kefir or Greek (nonfat or lowfat) plan yogurt.
1-2 tbsp pomegranate seeds

Mix together. Add protein powder if you want it thicker and added protein.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter
1/3c pureed pumpkin (or canned)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp plus 1 tsp nut butter (pb, almond, or even coconut butter! Feel free to add extra, if you want a stronger nut-butter flavor.)
Mix all ingredients together, either with a spoon or in a food processor. If your peanut butter is hard, you might want to warm it up a little, pre-mixing.

Pumpkin “soup”
With a vitamix or similar strong blender

1 medium pumpkin (take the skin off and dice up into smaller chunks)
1 can low fat coconut cooking milk
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
a pinch of sea salt

blend together. Add a little less or more pumpkin depending on the thickness you desire.

Cool Apps: Managing Your Money Has Never Been This Easy


Money management. For some of us, this is torture. So many Financial Managers require you to categorize everything into specific areas for instance: 1) Bills 2) Mortgage 3) Food 4) Entertainment 5) Other necessities 6) Savings. But really, who’s to say that going out to celebrate your birthday wouldn’t qualify as a food expense rather than entertainment? With all those very specific categories the whole process can be very daunting, downright frustrating and in the end why does it matter? All you want to know is if you can afford to buy the new iPhone.

Level Money imageLevel, an app made to simplify managing your money with one, two, three:

  1. What you make.
  2. What you need to set aside for bills.
  3. What you save.

That’s it.

Forget the rest of the buckets, with these 3 you’ll know everything you need to know about exactly what you can spend today, this week and this month. You’ll easily be able to make better spending decisions today and save for the future tomorrow.

Set up is easy and secure. Through its partnership with Intuit, Level is designed with bank-level security and encryption and high privacy standards.

To set up your Level account, create your profile, link your bank accounts, select the accounts you want to use and watch as Level calculates your current spending and desired saving amounts.

When you log into Level, the dashboard will show you exactly what you can spend today, this week and this month. Click on a circle to get more information or view all of your activity in the activity view. See real time updates on all of your spending at any time and adjust what you want to save or your income whenever you need to.

This app is super simple to use and before you know it you’ll be able to afford that European vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

Check out the below video to check out a little more about this great app.

Level Video

Click here to play video

Monday Morning Mojo: 3 in 5 Years!


Well they did it again. After decades of championship heartbreak, the San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series for the 3rd time in 5 years. If they can pull it off and beat the Kansas City Royals to claim World Series #3 in 5 years I think it will be safe to call it a dynasty.


As all of us baseball fans know, the Giants started off the season on fire and the team looked like a shoe in to make the post season. But a baseball season is long…162 games. By the end of the season it was another dose of torture, and we were on edge about whether they would even make the playoffs. I have to be honest, as rocky as their season was during the summer months, I was not super optimistic they would make it. Then they barely slid into the playoffs with a few stars, some no name players, some rookies and really just a hodgepodge of guys…I really thought their post season would be over quickly. But then after Thursday night’s win and becoming the National League champs it was very obvious to me why they are on their way to the World Series again. Like all of their games, Thursday night’s game was a nail biter…heck it came right down to the last pitch…or should I say it came down to the 3 run smash over the right field wall to win the game by the most unlikely of hero’s…Travis Ishikawa who committed an error early in the game to give up the first run to the Cardinals. But it wasn’t that…it was how all of the players acted during and after that game…it was what all of the players said after the game during the postgame interviews that struck me and made me think to myself, aahhh…that is how they did it.


When you watch the Giants closely you can really tell how much they care about each other…I mean really care about each other. All of the players being interviewed after the game talked about family, their faith and their friendships. They all talked about how tight they are and how much they genuinely care about each other and each other’s families…from Bruce Bochy on down. When they hugged each other, it was not just some superficial hug…you could just tell they really love each other and love playing together. Winning isn’t so much about how great one individual is…it is about how great the TEAM is and they are proving it.


Different circumstances can occur to make up a team, but the making of a great team can mean accepting what you have and working with every teammates’ unique talents. Remember, it was only 4 short years ago when the Giants were called the Misfits. Well, those Misfits brought back home the World Series Trophy. Not every team will look the same aside from their team uniform… sometimes a winning team must consists of a panda, a giraffe, a white shark, a horse, a freak, an angel in the outfield, a beast, and don’t forget the seal!!!!

So how does that help us? When you are looking to win in any area of your life, make sure you are part of the right team…a team that cares…really cares. The kiss of death is being part of the wrong team or a toxic team. Because it does not matter how great you are as an individual…if you are not surrounded by the right team of people…if you are not part of the right culture…if you are not part of a group of people who will put the team before themselves, you will never reach your full potential.

Let’s do this GIANTS!!!!!!

Weekend Wellness: Changes in the Season


If we lived in an environment where each and every day we had temperatures in the mid 70’s, blue skies dotted with a few clouds here and there, perfectly green hills, a slight breeze and warm nights, every day, every month, every year…would we appreciate it? I’d like to say yes, but is it that we would appreciate it because we have experienced storms, cold days and nights, torrential winds and downright gloomy days? Would we say yes because we have perspective?

Seasons are great metaphors to our life cycles. One day, maybe many, many days, and even months or dare I say years, life is beautifully sunny, no real clouds in the forecast, not even a little drizzle. Then, out of nowhere a hurricane comes in, coupled with a tornado, a snow storm and followed with an earthquake! Our sunny days seem gone forever. All we can do is put on our cold weather gear, batten down the hatches and fight the storm. We can trudge through the snow, and find the safety nets we stored for tumultuous days.

Finally, the storm lifts, but in its wake there’s destruction. Here’s the real life lesson…did the destruction happen because we were careless and naive and didn’t have a safety net in place? Did the destruction happen because of the way we reacted to the storm? Did the chaos and dishevelment occur because we didn’t want to deal with the uncomfortable situation and instead we went into hiding?

Blizzards and unpredictable weather are going to come in and out of our lives constantly. The beauty is the nice calm weather that emerges after the pandemonium. How we appreciate the fresh air, the warmth of the sun, the calm winds and the newness of the day can be embraced because of the changes, because of the contrast of the seasons.

Cool Apps: So Much More Than A Security Camera


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but bad things happen.  Especially when you least expect it. You live in a safe neighborhood, you lock the doors when you leave, and your next door neighbor’s home a lot so you don’t worry too much about something awful happening while you’re away from your house. The unfortunate truth is when you least expect it, that’s when it happens; the stove gets left on, a pipe breaks, or even worse, someone breaks in.

Piper logoThere’s a great and simple solution to prevent this from happening: Piper, a smart, elegant security and home automation system. Starting at $199.00, this little device lets you manage and connect with your home from anywhere using your smartphone. Instillation is super easy. Just plug in the devices and download the app. Connect your wi-fi and your set. You can stream live video of your home at any time and if some unusual movement were to occur, you’ll get notified with a message and recorded video. You can sound Piper’s built-in alarm and take action as necessary.

What really makes Piper different is that not only is it equipped with a built-in video camera, motion and sound detectors, but will also connects you to your homes environment. The device senses the temperature, humidity, standard light and sound of your home. Keeping track of this can help you conserve energy.

Combine Piper with a smart switch and you can automate, schedule, and remotely control lights and appliances directly from the Piper app. Add Door/Window sensors and you can get notified whenever a door or window is opened.
Check out the below video to see how easy and effective Piper can be for you.

Piper Video

Click here to play video

Weekend Wellness: The Potato Sack


Wellness comes in many forms. In physical activity, nutritional selections and in choices for our mind and soul.

The other morning I came across this short story…this is truly a wellness tip for the soul …enjoy.

A teacher once told each of her students to bring a clear plastic bag and a sack of potatoes to school. For every person they refused to forgive in their life, the students had to choose a potato, write a name and date on it, and put the potato in the plastic bag. Some of their bags were quite heavy.

They were then told to carry this bag with them everywhere for one week, putting it beside their bed at night, on the car seat next to them when driving, next to their desk at school, and even to restaurants.

The hassle of lugging this around with them made it clear what a weight they were carrying spiritually, and how they had to pay attention all the time so they wouldn’t leave the bag in embarrassing places. Naturally the condition of the potatoes deteriorated to a nasty smelly slime.

This is a great metaphor for the price we pay for holding on to our pain and heavy negativity. Too often we think forgiveness as a gift to the other person and it really is a gift to ourselves.

Author unknown

Cool Apps: Stop Losing and Start Finding with Tile


Oh no. You’ve done it again. Lost your keys for the 3rd time this week. Now you’re going to be late to your client meeting.

What is it about those darn keys that make them so hard to keep track of? If only you put them in the same place every time you walk into the house, but like that’s going to happen. Between carrying groceries, getting mauled by the dog and pulled by the kids, it’s a blessing you get through the door in one piece. Once in the door your focus is dinner not where your keys are, until you have to leave again. Then you send out the search party, looking in every basket, under every cushion, around every corner. There has to be a better way.

tileWell, today there is a better way. Tile will save you from losing anything important to you (ie: your keys, or your computer, or your remote, or even your wallet). Tile is a small square that has a wireless connection to your phone. That means anything you connect it to or put next to it can be found from your wireless device.

So how does it work? Download the Tile app onto your phone and specify the item you’d like to connect your Tile to. If you leave that item somewhere, the app will track it down and indicate exactly where you last had it. When you begin looking for your lost item, your phone will track the signal strength of the Tile. As you get closer, the tracking circle on your phone fills in indicating you’re moving in the right direction. Get even closer and Tile’s distinct melody will play until you retrieve your lost item and have it back in safe hands. Pretty cool huh? Even cooler, you can connect up to 8 tiles with one account and you can share your Tile information so anyone looking for the remote can find it easily.

Just think how much this little square can help you stay on top of your most important items.

The app is free to download and each tile is $20.00. Totally worth your peace of mind.

Tile Video

Click here to play video

Monday Morning Mojo: It’s a Messy Life


My life is a mess. Yep…MY life. Heck, everyone’s life is a mess…that’s life. My question to you is: are you constantly working on cleaning up and “dialing it in” or are you living in your own personal pigsty?

Whenever I talk with people about getting better and winning in any area of life, I remind them that we are all screwed up…we are all a mess. So don’t beat yourself up, and don’t stop moving forward if things aren’t going the way you want…no one is perfect. You need to be committed every day to improving…committed to cleaning up your mess. You can’t be satisfied with the status quo and just accept what life deals you. Life is complicated and can deal you some pretty crappy cards. I see so many people who just wallow in the self-pity of the hand they are dealt. It takes constant attention and hard work.

Metaphorically, imagine you are living in your home, and you never run the vacuum, do the dishes, do the laundry, scrub the bathrooms, mow the lawns…you never clean up. Of course your house will become a filthy pigsty if you don’t maintain it.

Well, life works exactly the same way…no matter how dialed in you think you are, things get messy and you need to constantly be cleaning them up…your job, your relationships, your finances, your health, etc. If you don’t stay on top of stuff and aren’t constantly cleaning up, over time, the mess gets so out of control that you become too overwhelmed and throw your hands in the air. This is not a winning formula, and unfortunately this is what I see a lot of people doing.

So, how do we clean things up…how do we get dialed in to win and stay there? The first thing is to admit to ourselves that things are never going to be perfect. Every day for our entire lives, we must be committed to cleaning up while scrapping and clawing to move forward. We have to accept that there will be hurdles and obstacles along the way. There will be people and situations constantly attempting to throw their mess on us. We simply cannot accept it…we have to clean it up and move forward.

Here is the challenge. First, accept that life is messy and hard. Second, don’t let that stop you. Finally, be committed every day to clean up and get better…EVERYDAY!


Weekend Wellness: Autumn


Crazy weather out right now. It’s nippy at night, hot during the day, then snowing in some regions! Yes, it’s the turn of the season and it’s Fall…nature is letting us know change is coming.

The most obvious change that I notice is that of the leaves on the trees. To me, this symbolizes “letting go”. Many trees have vibrant fresh leaves from Spring through Autumn, then the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. It sounds a little sad writing this, but truly the ritual is so that the tree (or flower) can get ready for something new in a few months’ time; something the plant needs. New growth.

How about you? Is it time for you to let go of something which might have been really great for you a few months ago, but no longer serves you in the same way? Is it time for you to “shed” something no longer necessary so you can make room for something new?

What in your life is taking up space in your head, your body, or your soul that truly would be best left behind? What in your life do you need to make room for but there’s too much clutter to invite it in?

Do you need a new nutrition plan? Are you done with your cycling season and ready to get back to the gym and do functional training? Or, on a deeper level, are you holding on to some anger, some “story” of what’s holding you back so you can’t “grow new leaves”?

We all have a little something in our life which need rebirth and sprucing up. Take a pause this week while you look at the message nature is handing us and relate it to your life. What can you let go of in order to make way for something new, exciting, vibrant and new?