Monday Morning Mojo: Can’t or Won’t?


You have heard the stories…a car falls on a son or daughter…the father grabs the bumper, lifts the car, and the child slides out to safety. The father has not lifted a weight in years and if you had asked him yesterday, he would have told you he could not pick up 100 pounds off the ground. How in the world could he lift a car? Well, adrenaline for sure, but it’s because he had too.

When we talk about the keys to success, at anything in life, it is almost never a case of whether someone can or can’t do what is necessary…it is a case of whether they will or won’t do what is necessary. The most successful people in the world WILL do whatever it takes. The masses say they CAN’T.

For most people, we never really know what we are capable of until our backs are completely against the wall….really against the wall…when all of our options are gone and the only choice is to do whatever it takes and survive or don’t and perish. Like an addict that hits rock bottom.

The fortunate and unfortunate thing about that is most people never let themselves get there…we never let our backs get completely against the wall. The fortunate thing is we don’t need to make a survive or perish decision. The unfortunate thing is that because we never need to make that decision we never really know what we are capable of. So many people hover just off the wall…barely hanging on and do just enough so they don’t have to make that life or perish decision…life or death action. The bummer is there is always this void…this feeling deep down inside that we know more is possible. And we go to our grave never knowing what we were really capable of.

We are all capable of sooooo much more than we think is possible if we just quit thinking of things in the frame work of whether we can or can’t and start looking at things in the frame work of we will or we won’t.

Get out there and do it…you CAN, you WILL…you WIN!!!!!!

Weekend Wellness: Unplugged


Recently on a Sunday, my husband suggested we “unplug”…no cell phones, no computers, nothing electronic. Instead, we talked, read (paperback) and paused. We enjoyed nature and stayed active. I have to admit, I did go through a little withdrawl from my connectivity with the outside world. I felt irresponsible to my clients and staff. I had this sense that the world might fall apart and I wouldn’t know anything about it. How ridiculous this sounds writing it, but in the moment, it felt real!

After my very wonderful detached day which took me only a short time to relax into, I felt more connected to my surroundings and my relationship. I noticed the sounds of the birds, the breeze through the leaves, felt the sun on my skin. I listened more attentively to my husband and we talked about fun silly stuff instead of looking at calendars and scheduling. We had fun.

I woke up the next day recharged and ready to open my email and texts. I realized that to be totally “on”, I needed to take a step back and disconnect. I didn’t know this until I tried it!

I think this practice was one we can use in many areas of our lives. So many of us go full speed ahead with work, obligations, travel, our workouts and everything else which keeps us running from one event to another without pause.

Where in your life do you get so immersed, you forget so many other aspects of your life?

Where can you disconnect for a day so you can step back into it recharged?

Who in your life are you forgetting about because you are so busy with filling up every moment?

Do you even know what it’s like to unplug (I forgot myself!)?

Consider taking a pause and embracing your surroundings.

Consider if you unplugged, disconnected and went off the grid for even a few hours how you might feel refreshed the next day. Would your friends and family be inspired by this? Might be something to try!

Cool Apps: Apple’s Newest Toys


With this weeks’ reveal of the iPhone6 and the Apple Watch, we thought it relevant to give you a taste of what everyone is talking about. Just think about all the potential new apps these new items will bring us. These really are elevating the expectation of future innovations brought to us by our neighbors, here in Cupertino. To see these great pieces for yourself check out the below videos.

Apple Watch


Click here to play




Click here to play

Thursday’s Thoughts on Leadership: “Do or do not; there is no try!”


Yoda, the Jedi Master from Star Wars, offered the simplest piece of advice that saved the universe: “Do or do not; there is no try!” In other words, when you and your team decide to do something – a goal, project, program, etc. – then commit to it and see it through with gusto. Anything less than your full effort will likely result in unsatisfactory outcomes.

I offer one last passage from former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine’s book Unbeatable Mind to shed light on goal-setting and commitment. Divine’s suggestions allow for analysis and personal dialogue, and will keep you on the path of success:

  1. Be optimistic, and expect to win.
  2. Make sure that the goal is very motivating to you and your team.
  3. Seriously desire to win or achieve the goal. Ask yourself how badly you want the victory before you decide to act.
  4. Understand the difference between your skills and knowledge now and what will be required to succeed at a high level. If the difference is too much to overcome in the time frame you have, then you should “wave off” and choose another mission.
  5. Ensure that you have the mental and physical capital to pull it off in a way that does not impact other mission-critical goals.
  6. Once you commit, then “burn your boats,” press forward and never, ever quit!


Monday Morning Mojo: Are You Ready For Some Football?


The NFL Season started this past weekend and every team has the same goal…win the Super Bowl. Leading up to the season there has been countless hours, days, weeks, and months that have gone into planning, strategizing and putting together a winning formula. They didn’t just show up on opening day and wing it. We all know what would happen if they did. Heck…every NFL team started planning for this season the day after their season ended last year.

Life and sports have so much in common. When we start our year we really need to approach it just like a new season in football, with the goal of winning our Super Bowl. The definition of winning a Super Bowl may be different for everyone, but the steps it takes to give us the best chance at accomplishing our goals is the same. We need to plan, strategize and take the time to put together our winning formula before the new season starts…don’t just show up on opening day and wing it. If we do, we are going to get CRUSHED!!!!

In Business, this means putting together a Business Plan…in Life it is putting together a Life Plan. It is about taking the time to put together a plan for all the areas of our F-5 (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finance). So many of us wait until the New Year before we take time to even consider what we are going to do to Win. I am here to tell you if we wait until then, we are winging it and we are going to get CRUSHED.

I know it may seem crazy to be thinking about it now, but we’re already putting together Intero’s 2015 Business Plan. Heck…we already have our first draft done. Yes… 4 months before the New Year. So why would we do that? Because we know that we need to start executing on our 2015 plan now, because we know we won’t see the results of our activities for 3 to 4 month…January. And if we wait until January to put together our plan we will not start to see the results of that plan until March or April and our season will be over before it even gets started.

Don’t wait until the end of the year and do what most other people do…don’t wing it. Don’t wait until the end of the game when you have to throw up the Hail Mary in desperation. If you wait until then it is pretty much hopeless. Start it today and make a commitment to have it finished by October 1st.

As you put together your plan remember the following:
A play = your day
A touchdown drive = your week
A game = your month
A season = your year
A Super Bowl = your life

Take the time to visualize your Super Bowl Winning Strategy. Then put together your plan for winning the Season (F5 Plans). Then set goals and strategies for each month. Then take those goals and strategies and put them in your calendar. Then show up every day and execute on every play (what your schedule tells you to do) with all of your effort and focus. Do this and you stand the best chance at winning a Super Bowl.


Weekend Wellness: The Facts About Fats


There are 4 kinds of fats:

  1. Monounsaturated (Healthy)
  2. Polyunsaturated (Healthy)
  3. Saturated (Unhealthy in excess, but important to the cells in very small amounts)
  4. Transfats (Unhealthy and extremely toxic)

The brain is made up of about 60 percent fat and in order for it to function properly, we need to consume the healthy fats. Everyone is a little different in their needs for fats depending on activity to name just one factor; however “good” fat IS important! These fats which keep you healthy, come from the earth and the ocean. They are minimally processed.

Fish and shell fish, along with the fats coming from the fish, such as fish oils and cod liver oils, are excellent sources of healthy fats, along with fats which come from the earth such as nuts and nut oils. These include extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, almond oil, macadamia nut oil and grape seed oil.

Now for the bad news…

Saturated fat comes from land animals (and is even present in olive oil and coconut oils). In moderation, it’s ok; in fact as mentioned, necessary, (5% of total fat can be from Saturated fats).

Transfats however are the real danger. You’ll find man-made saturated/hydrogenated fats and man-altered transfats in foods like crisco, margarine and many bread and dessert products. Look at the ingredients list for the name fully or partially hydrogenated oils. Oils that are hydrogenated and chemically made lead to decreased cell membrane transport (which diminishes nutrients’ ability to be absorbed and used by the cells) and inflammation.

Something to know…
The half-life of transfats is 51 days. What that means is after 51 days of eating no transfats, you still need another 51 days to complete the clearing and even then, a 25% residual remains! For example, after you eat a bag of potato chips or a serving of French fries, the transfats remain in your body for 102 days and can cause improper nerve function, increased inflammation and poor cell communication!

The half-life of the omega-3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil, tuna oil, and salmon oils is 18 days. Additionally, adding 1 tbsp of sesame oil into your diet every day is great for improving skin and increasing energy. Consider replacing all transfats and most saturated fats with healthy ocean and earth oils.

Careful not to go too crazy here though, fat is dense and a little goes a long way calorically.

Intero Cool Apps: Reduce Email Overload with Slack


That dreaded email inbox. It haunts your dreams. It’s hard to get away from it. From the second you open your computer, “ping, ping, ping.” Email after email popping up for you to respond to. With all that responding, how do you even manage to get anything else done during the day? And don’t get me started on searching for archives or attachments; “Remember that email I sent you two weeks ago about that house?” Searching every single email in your inbox the last two weeks will take all day.

Slack logoWell today, your problems just might be solved with Slack. Slack was developed specifically for team communication, putting everything in one place, making it instantly searchable, and available wherever you go.

Working with another agent on the sale of a property? Open a channel on the slack app with them and start the conversation even add in your client if appropriate. This channel can include messages, files, comments, images, videos, links, Twitter, Dropbox or Google Drive just to name a few. That means you can upload a contract have your teammates review it and see their notes all in the same place. No need to get out of one space just to log into another. No more need to question if this the most current version. It’s all right there in the Slack app ready for you to review, comment and move forward. The meeting continues and your standard email inbox can be saved for outside communication.

Slack is easily searchable too. I really like this feature since so many times I find myself going back into my old emails to find a sample post card, or need to reference a specific instruction on a property. Slack makes it easy to find both of these things in their system. It’s definitely communication for the 21st century.

Teams are using this app and increasing their productivity all over the world. Check out one of their success stories below.

Slack video







Click here to watch video

Thursday’s Thoughts on Leadership: Developing Trustworthiness


Two weeks ago I shared thoughts on the vital nature of trust and its impact on business relationships. In short, relationships built on trust will flourish, while a breach of trust can ruin associations.
I remain moved by the book, Unbeatable Mind, by former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine, and want to share his 12 simple steps for developing trustworthiness.

  1. Talk straight – avoid spins, lies, double talk and flattery.
  2. Demonstrate respect – take your eyes off yourself, and put them on your teammates. Show that you care.
  3. Create transparency – avoid withholding information and keeping secrets unless absolutely necessary to protect intellectual property or to prevent someone from getting hurt.
  4. Right wrongs quickly – we all screw up, so admit it, and repair things as fast as possible.
  5. Show loyalty – don’t take all the credit or sell others out. Don’t gossip!
  6. Deliver results!
  7. Get better every day!
  8. Clarify expectations – ensure that the explicit and implicit tasks of your mission and those that you delegate are crystal clear.
  9. Practice accountability – start with yourself, and then demand it of your team and organization. But the buck always stops with you.
  10. Listen first – practice authentic listening.
  11. Keep communication with brutal honesty – use the brief and debrief process to keep communicating at all levels so you can always be learning and helping others learn.
  12. Learn to trust others by delegating and giving more responsibility and then providing support when the inevitable failures occur.

Of course, these steps are basic to human decency and sound decorum and, collectively, they light the path to trustworthiness. No virtue comes automatically; each can be developed with practice and attention.


Monday Morning Mojo: Do Less Better…Don’t Do More Worse


From the moment I stepped into my position as President and CEO of Intero four months ago, this has been my mantra…this has been my challenge to everyone at Intero. Let’s all stop doing so much stuff and stop chasing the shiny penny…stop jumping from one “great idea” to the next. Let’s do less stuff better and not more stuff worse. Let’s focus on what we are good at and then let’s do it better than anyone. In this day and age there is so much information being thrown at us…so many different ideas. Especially in Silicon Valley. And if we don’t watch out, we can get whipped around chasing the latest and greatest thing. When you do that you are mediocre, at best, at everything and not great at anything.

So here is the question…is what you are doing today building on what you did yesterday or are you starting from scratch on the latest and greatest idea…AGAIN?

To have a quantum leap at almost anything in life and really have a significant impact, it is not going to be the result of trying to do everything. It is going to be the compounded result of doing only the most important activities over and over again…we need to do fewer activities more frequently. We really need to start shooting at life with a rifle and not a shotgun. If we do those few, most important activities consistently over and over again, at some point, we will reach the tipping point…we will explode into a quantum leap. The difficult part is being disciplined enough to do those important activities and not jump from one great idea to the next…we need to do the important few activities over and over again until we have a Quantum Leap…a Breakthrough. It’s all about K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Why is it so hard? Because we have to do it over and over and over again for long periods of time with what appears to be little or no results. When that happens, doubt enters our mind…we get distracted and we start to look for the next great idea. But if we have the discipline to stick with it, all of a sudden out of nowhere, one day we will have a radical breakthrough. The hard part is not to quit when we feel like we are running into a brick wall with no results…not quitting when we are having a breakdown. Because when the wall comes down, it won’t come down one brick at a time, but the accumulation effect of hitting it over and over again will bring it tumbling down all at once. It will happen when we are exhausted and beyond wanting to quit. We will hit it again and BANG!!!!

Remember…there are always going to be those people out their pitching us on the latest and greatest thing that is going to change our life, our business, our health…the 10 minute ab machine…the lose 30 pounds in a month vitamin…triple your money in a year schemes…get your body ripped in 21 days… The list goes on and on. Give me a break. The crazy thing is, obviously, a ton people are getting sucked in and buying this stuff. If they weren’t these billion dollar companies spending all this money on commercials and infomercials would cease to exist. Heck…I probably get a dozen calls a week from someone telling me how they have developed some product or system that is going to save us money, make us more money, revolutionize our company, etc. Just be very careful and don’t get sucked in. I am not saying be blind to innovation and new ideas, but don’t get sucked into everything thrown at us.

Make the commitment to do less better and don’t get tricked into doing more worse. Do that and I promise you will rock it!!!!!


Weekend Wellness: Stressed or Blessed


Remember way back when you had too much time on your hands? You could hardly wait to get new clients, or more friends, or a bigger travel schedule. You were excited for your kids to get into sports and you could hardly wait to get train for your first marathon.

Now, here you are, 10 years later or maybe only 1 month later and all of a sudden 24 hours isn’t enough time in the day. You can’t seem to find time to shop for healthy foods, run 15 miles, let alone a half a mile. You are over booked. You are running from client to client, airport to airport and wonder if you can make it to any of your kid’s games. You don’t even have time to pay your bills!

You are S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D! I see this all the time. In fact, I experience levels of stress sometimes myself. We get so caught up in how frazzled we are, we forget we asked for it! Not the stress, but the abundance. In fact, many times what we asked for has helped us create a fuller life. Maybe it’s really ok, maybe we simply need to manage our time a little better. Maybe we are managing our time…it’s our thoughts we need to manage a little better. hmmmmm

Consider how your day would change if when you felt overwhelmed and overbooked, you paused, smiled and realized that you are B-L-E-S-S-E-D? You have athletic kids who love their sports and live in an area with lots of sport options. You have a career which allows you to travel to interesting new places. You have a wide net of interesting clients who enrich your life. You have a body which allows you to walk, hike or run…whether it is 1 mile…or 15.

When we get overwhelmed, it is so easy to get caught up into how the weight of the world is on our shoulders to lighten up. However, if in those crazy moments we can hug the opportunities given to us and high five the blessed life the stress give us, everything shifts. We take our stress with a smile and we are able to embrace the avenues of what we attract.

Consider….are you stressed…or blessed?