Monday Morning Mojo: Make it to 100


So, here is the question… If people won’t make small changes to save their life, how in the world will people make small changes to make more money, have better relationships, have a better business, or have a better life? That is the bazillion dollar question and if someone can figure out the answer you will make Mark Zuckerberg look like a chump. Here’s a thought…Maybe in order to start making more money, having better relationships, having a better business and having a better life we need to start by making the most important thing we all have better…our health.

If I told you that I could give you some tips on things you can do to live longer, maybe even live to be 100, would you do it? Would you make the changes? I hope the answer all of us would say is YES!!!!!! Well, here’s your chance. Go to and do the LivingTo100 Calculator. At the end, the “test” will tell you, based on your answers to the questions, how long you can expect to live. It will also give you some tips on things you can do to live longer.

Here’s my prediction: If you take the test and if you make the necessary changes to live to 100, you will not only live longer, but because you will feel better and will be more fired up about the fact that you are doing all the right things to give yourself a shot at making it to 100, you will make more money, have better relationships, have a better business, and just plain and simply have a better life.

Let’s start by making some changes in the most important area of our life and it will help us make some changes in the other areas of our life as well.

Here’s to making it to 100++++

Weekend Wellness: Planning For A Storm


When we know a big storm is on the horizon or we plan on taking a trip “in” to a storm, we prepare for it. If our tires are bald, we consider new tires. We look at our windshield wipers, get new ones if needed, and we keep a blanket in the car.

For our homes we check any leaks which might need attending, we clean the gutters and stock up on candles.

If we know we are going to be out and about we bring our hats, gloves and umbrellas. We prepare for the storm as best we can.

What about when we wake up, expecting a sunny “emotional” day and an emotional storm hits us out of the blue. Are you prepared? Do you know how to calm yourself down to handle the chaos? Do you know how to move into “safety” mode and protect your family (i.e. how not to yell, have a breakdown, be grumpy, etc.)?

How about when you over indulge in food and even alcohol? Do you know how to ground yourself and be healthy again? Do you quickly drink more water and choose low salt, low sugar foods on quick reflex to reset your body; or do you go for the greasiest burrito you can find to keep the dark clouds brewing in your body?

We value the safety of our cars and homes in stormy fronts; do you think we should also create a plan of how to react and protect our health in times of internal winter weather?

I think it’s time for a health preparedness plan!

Cool Apps: Ship Smarter with Slice


I’m sure by now, you’re feeling good about your holiday shopping. Items are are starting to pile up in a corner of your house. Your Cyber Monday purchases slowly trickling in. Can you even remember what you ordered or where it’s from? Not to mention which shipping carrier to expect it from? Well, today’s app is going to help with all of that because going through your thousands of emails to find the tracking information to make sure grandma received the gift basket you sent can be a challenge and time consuming.

slice logoSlice works seamlessly with your email inbox to find and store the e-receipts from the stuff you buy storing all of the information in one simple app. It will track your packages from shipment to delivery sending you automatic alerts on the status of your purchases.

To make life even easier, the app doesn’t stop there. For retailers that honor price adjustments, Slice will send you push notifications when the price drops for one of your purchases so you can recoup the difference! It will also alert you if one of your products has a recall associated with it.

To take advantage of Slice, all you have to do is sign up and link your account to your Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or other email system. Slice will automatically find your receipts and track your packages. It really is just that easy. It takes less than 2 minutes! To check on your purchases, just go to the app and click on the item you want to view or set up automatic notifications so the app tells you when there’s an update with your order. What a great way to keep organized this holiday season and throughout the year. You’ll wonder how you managed without it!

Watch how it works in the below video.

slice video

Click here to play video

Monday Morning Mojo: Black Mountain Friday


We all know about Black Friday…the day after Thanksgiving where everyone wakes up from their food coma and hits the malls with millions of other people to start their holiday shopping and find all of those sweet Black Friday deals. Well the last two years I have done something a little different on Black Friday…we now call it Black Mountain Friday and it is now our new annual tradition. The day after Thanksgiving my wife, Kelli Dixon, JT, a few other people and I met at 7am, not to go shopping, but to hike 13 ½ miles and climb 2,575 feet to the top of Black Mountain in Los Altos. From the top you can see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the San Francisco Bay on the other. It is spectacular…well worth the two and a half hours up and the hour and a half back down. Not only did we burn off all of those Thanksgiving calories, but we cranked up our endorphins, talked about our families, our goals, our accomplishments, our dreams and had a great time bonding. And after it was all done it was all good…it didn’t matter what we ate on Thanksgiving…we had zero guilt. We all worked out all of our F5’s in that 4 hour hike – Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance.

Black Mountain 2

As the holiday season picks up momentum and the parties get started, my challenge to everyone is this: Work out your F5! Don’t wait until the New Year to start your New Year’s resolutions…start them today. Instead of hitting the malls, drinking too much, and eating too much, get out and go for a hike with friends and family. I promise you will feel sooooooo much better if you do it. You won’t be walking around in a daze over the holidays…you will stay productive instead of being in a constant fog of food and booze …you will have some great conversations with friends and family…you will get fired up about the future…you will burn off those holiday calories…you will get those endorphins cranking, you won’t have that holiday guilt. Extra bonus…you will start out your New Year on fire.

So now… go take a hike!

Black Mountain 1

Weekend Wellness: Thankful We Have Choices


There are many traditions around Thanksgiving and Christmas; however the common thread is giving thanks and sharing. In our various lives and holiday rituals, no matter where you are, most of us can be grateful for the power of choice.

We have the choice to eat healthy, or not so healthy. In many areas of the world, some don’t have that option; some are simply grateful to have something to eat when they are hungry; but most of us have the option to choose what we eat, how much and when.

We have the choice to step out into a public park or play area and enjoy nature after a sedentary day. We have the choice to sit and watch games on TV, games at a stadium, movies on TV, and movies at the theater. Many of us even have the choice to even get in a game and play or just throw a ball!

We have the freedom of education. Whether it be at a school, a library or a free downloadable course off the internet.

We have the choice to express love to our family and friends. We have the choice to stay at home or visit family and friends. I know many of you might feel you don’t have a choice during the holidays…but you really do!

We have the choice to think positively when times might be tough. We have the choice to give canned food when we have a little extra.

There are countless ways to open our hearts and minds to gratitude…it all comes down to choice.

During the holidays, consider you have the ability to choose what makes you fulfilled, happy, gracious and authentic. Then be grateful for the freedom that comes with it! That’s BIG!

Happy, Healthy Holidays~

Cool Apps: Your Long Distant Holiday Giving Solution


So a few months back, I highlighted a nifty little app called Yiftee and thought it might be the perfect solution to some of your long distant giving needs this holiday season. That means your Aunt in Pittsburgher can get something other than ugly pajamas she’ll never use this Christmas. I’m telling you, this little app will change the way you give gifts not only during the holiday season, but all year long.  The best part is you don’t even have to leave your couch.

Yiftee logoYiftee lets you send a real gift from your phone. The recipient can then pick up the gift wherever you bought it from. It literally takes 5 minutes. All you have to do is select the recipient, pick out a gift from their favorite local shop (that’s right, their local shop – you can choose from thousands), write a quick note and you’re done! Your recipient will receive a message via email, Facebook or text letting them know there’s a present waiting for them. You can even schedule a gift delivery for a future date so when you remember a birthday, you can set up your Yiftee in advance to be sent on a specific date.

It’s so easy you’ll be surprising everyone with little gifts this holiday season.

To see how easy Yiftee really is, check out the below video.

Yiftee video

Click here to play video

Monday Morning Mojo: Two Minute Warning


I was watching a little football over this Thanksgiving weekend and it’s interesting how two teams can play for 58 minutes, but in the end, most of the time, the game is decided by which team is best in the final two minutes. It is the teams that can suck it up when they are beaten up and tired that end up being the winners.

Just like football, it’s the final two minutes that determine the winners and the losers at almost everything in life. Everything we do up until that last two minutes just keeps us in the game and gives us a chance to win.

Well, we are in the final two minutes of 2014, and the winners of 2014 will be determined by what we do between now and the end of the year. I know everyone is tired and everyone needs a break, me too, but it’s those few who can dig deep, remain disciplined and push through the pain that will finish up 2014 the winners.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for spending time over the holidays with friends and family, I am all for having some fun, but I just see so many people take their foot off the gas at Thanksgiving and coast into the end of the year. And then when January 1st hits, they are at a dead stop. Then it’s really not until the middle or end of January before they are back into “game shape.”

As I said, I am for taking some time off over Thanksgiving, taking some time off over Christmas and taking a couple of days off over New Years, but I am not for taking off the entire last 2 minutes of the game. I am up for finishing the game of 2014 strong! This applies to everything in life…all aspects of our F5–Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finance!!!!! The beautiful part is, if you are one of the few who choose to dig deep and finish the game of 2014 strong, there will be a lot less competition because everyone else will be sleeping, everyone else will be taking the final two minutes off. And because there are a lot less people in the game in the final two minutes of the year, it makes it a lot easier to score.

Finish 2014 STRONG!!!!!!!

Weekend Wellness: Thanksgiving….Acid or Alkaline


This weekend…will you be Acidic…or alkaline?

The human body uses acids to help digest proteins and alkalines, or bases, to digest starches. But optimum body health is maintained when it is consistently in an alkaline state. In fact, research shows that maintaining a proper pH balance keeps us healthier by reducing fatigue, easing muscle pains and preventing indigestion. PH measures, on a scale of zero to 14, the level of hydrogen ion concentration. A pH level over 7.0 is more alkaline; a pH level under 7.0 is more acidic. Pure water and typical human saliva are pH neutral. Healthy human blood is slightly alkaline.

Ideally, 80 percent of what we eat should be alkaline and just 20 percent acidic. For most Americans, though, their diets are almost the opposite, too heavily dependent on processed foods and too deficient in fresh fruits and vegetables. A diet made up of dairy products, wheat and animal protein is very acid heavy and contributes to weakening your overall physical and mental health. Many health care professionals (including myself) believe excess body acidity can lead to headaches, arthritis, dry skin, fatigue, recurring infections, obesity and general weight gain, and anxiety.

And…here we go, into a decadent weekend of mostly acidic food! How tough it that?!

Now, this Thanksgiving holiday, and the leftovers for the next several days include turkey (acid) gravy (acid) Cranberry relish (acid) alcohol (acid) potatoes (acid) butter (acid) rolls (acid) stuffing (acid) creamy salad dressings (acid) Egg nog (acid), pie (acid) and green beans (alkaline YAY!!!!) We have something alkaline.

Ok, kidding aside, yes, the weekend will probably be pretty acidic. You might get acid reflux, you might feel fatigue, you might feel a little bloated and you might have some headaches.

I’m not asking you to change your food rituals, I mean, I am having stuffing (smile!). However, here are a few alkaline tips you can do to at least help the pendulum swing a little closer to the alkaline side:

  • Have lemon or lime with your water (yes, lemons and limes are alkaline!)
  • Choose Extra Virgin olive oil or coconut oil and herbs instead of creamy dressings on your vegetables and/or salads.
  • Choose leafy greens with your turkey. Some of the most alkaline are parsley, cilantro, cucumber, artichoke, lettuces, and sprouts
  • Have some green vegetables (green beans, broccoli, broccolini, Brussels sprouts to name a few) *Note, radishes, cauliflower, garlic and onion aren’t green but are very alkaline.
  • Drink some herbal tea (dandelion root is especially good) during the day or later at night.
  • Add chlorophyll and even ginger to your water.
  • Have some fruit for dessert (some fruit is acidic, but much less acidic than desserts made with sugar and butter; plus fruit has a lot of fiber and nutrients).
  • Drink filtered water (not carbonated)

Enjoy your Holiday feast! But enjoy feeling good too!

If you make a few of these additions to your weekend, you just might feel like you have a little more energy, you might have a little less brain fog, and most likely will sleep better!

Cool Apps: Santa’s Helper in Your Pocket


mgifts_thumb-266737Tis the season of gift giving and we’re getting you organized with a very important app that will help you manage your holiday shopping and keep you on budget. I know it sounds too good to be true but a great little app called mGifts can keep you and your bank account focused through the New Year.

A great app to keep handy at all times of the year, mGifts is especially helpful right now with all of the holiday shopping you’re about to do. It organizes your gift giving by keeping you on budget and managing your gift list to make sure your friends and family get a great gift from you.

Available for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the app makes it easy and convenient to see how many gifts you still need to get, how many gifts you have purchased and how much money you’ve spent on each person or group. Groups could consist of family, friends, co-workers, past clients, or even neighbors. You can view your gift list by store, event, group or person helping you stay on budget while giving you the assurance that you’re not missing anyone.

mgifts screen shot

Use the status flags to track the gifting process for each person. These include tags like “needed”, “purchased”, “wrapped” or “shipped”. Just think how accomplished you will feel being able to physically see your progress. You can also take photos of gifts and store them along with notes to remind you of important details about the item or the person you’re giving it to. Easily share your gift list with others via email as well.

mGifts is the perfect Santa’s helper for those looking for the perfect gifts for the special people in your life. Download it for only $1.99 today! Your sanity is worth every penny.


Monday Morning Mojo: Thanks-Giving


Thanksgiving is a time to give Thanks and hopefully be able to make a difference and Give back in some way to those we love and those less fortunate than us. We can give by holding a hand, by giving a hug, volunteering, or giving tangible items or money. As much as I love the holidays because I can spend time with my family and friends, it’s unfortunate how commercialized it has become. Heck, now Black Friday has really turned into Black Thursday and Friday with stores opening on Thanksgiving Day and then there is Cyber Monday in an effort to maximize profits. Are you kidding me…is this really what Thanksgiving and the holidays are all about?

One of the things we have always been passionate about at Intero is giving back and making a difference. Not just over the holidays but every day of the year. It doesn’t take much to make an amazing impact and really better the world around us. At the same time it fills our hearts with positivity attracting good things toward us and making us more productive. Who doesn’t want that?

In fact there’s a story behind the Intero Foundation that is just that, giving small and getting BIG! Back in 2002, the Christmas following the launch of Intero, a bunch of us had the urge to purchase a few bicycles and deliver them to local children in need on Christmas morning. Wow, was this one of those moments that almost made you cry. Imagine knocking on the door of a child with no Christmas tree, no toys from Santa, barely jammies on their backs, and then you bring them a bike. Each child lite up as they opened the door and realized what was happening. Joy came over their faces, relief to their little bodies, and amazement came over them. It was more than a bike to them, it was bigger, it was a memory and an experience these children may never forget. We gave a moment of hope.

What did those that gave that day receive? Well I can’t speak for everyone, but I know what came from that day was the inception of a great organization known as the Intero Foundation. Since then, our agents and employees have helped raise more than $3 million dollars and lent support to more than 130 non-profits helping thousands of children in need within the local communities we serve.

Some of the non-profits we’ve recently granted include; Sunday Friends Foundation, YMCA of Silicon Valley, Peer Court, Good Karma Bikes, Jose Valdes Math Foundation, NatureBridge, Grateful Garment Project, Next Door Solutions, TeenForce, The DreamPower Foundation, and the list goes on. The Intero Foundation partners directly with the non-profits it grants to make SURE the dollars given directly impact the children through the purchase of clothing, school supplies, computers, or by simply giving them an opportunity to experience life as all children should.

On Tuesday, December 2nd the Intero Foundation will join an international movement and day of giving back called #GivingTuesday. In the week following Thanksgiving, Americans will spend billions of dollars in the shopping frenzies around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday is a day to remind us all that giving means much more than the exchange of material goods—it means volunteering at a local shelter, helping out a friend in need, and, of course, donating to worthy causes, like our Intero Foundation.

So take this as an opportunity to help us impact a child in your own neighborhood, which may need some extra help. Donate anytime now through December 2nd at and be confident the money is going where the children need it most.

I thank you again for your support.

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