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Wednesday Wellness: Carve Fresh Tracks


For those of you who live in the Bay Area, this past weekend we were able to see the sun, blue sky and even the entire full moon AND stars at night!  It’s been raining and storming nearly nonstop for about 2 weeks.  (If you live on the East Coast or North West, I’m sure you don’t feel too sorry for us!)

When we get bad weather, we grumble, complain, and throw little tantrums about wanting to get outside and just feel “warm”!

Yesterday and today, I had the chance to ride my mountain bike for the first time in nearly 45 days (tragic).  As I was riding I was elated, not just from the simple fact that I was outside and it was sunny, but because the “dirt” was perfect!  We haven’t had rain for a few days so although (some of) the trails were drying up; they were still “soft” and made riding downhill a blast!

I started thinking about how Tahoe must be and how great the snow is due to the storms which transpired over the last couple of weeks.  I bet ski enthusiasts were carving fresh tracks and having the time of their lives.

It occurred to me that the skiers, boarder and mountain bikers wouldn’t feel these joys if the storms hadn’t have produced the perfect snow or the perfect trails conditions!

How many times have we endured challenges for days, weeks, even months, so that we can eventually relish in the reward because of the storm?

I think of so many nutrition clients I work with who struggle right at first, sometimes kicking and screaming about having to change their habits, just to find themselves ultimately enjoying new foods, seeing the weight loss and embracing new and healthy habits in their lives.

I think of personal training clients who are sore for the first several weeks of their routine, to see in time that they can run faster and easier, lift with greater power and finally see a 4 pack peek through!

What have you endured (maybe even in pain) which once you got through realized bliss because of the journey?

Enjoy life’s lessons when possible; ride your perfect trails, carve fresh tracks!