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Cool Apps: Da-Doo-Ron … Rondee!


More and more, businesspeople — REALTORS included — are doing the majority of their work from home offices … or coffeeshops or the beach, you name it. They’re working pretty much everywhere except in their actual offices.

All of this is great. It helps morale, boosts productivity, cuts down on energy usage, and is cheaper for employers – it’s a “win” all around. The only place where it becomes a problem is when having a conference call between team members is necessary.

The really tough part is finding a way to coordinate everyone’s schedules. Emails get sent back and forth, people forget to respond … it can be a pain in the neck, to say the least.

Rondee takes a lot of the headache out of that process.

With Rondee (short for “rendez-vous”), the scheduler arranges a time for a call, and a message is sent to everyone they’d like to attend. Each invitee has the ability to respond “yes” or “no”, but Rondee keeps track of all responses. Those who respond “yes” will see the call entered seamlessly into their Google Calendar or iCal accounts, so no one should forget. Each participant — up to 45 people — is given a number that they can use to call in and that’s it. You’re off to the races!

One of the best things about Rondee is that it’s FREE. The only time they charge any money at all is if you opt to use a toll-free number for your callers. In that case, fees are nominal, at most. Other than that, the service is 100% free, which is a big plus in my book.

Rondee isn’t flashy. It isn’t glitzy. What it is, though, is dead useful. It has solved a problem with which all telecommuters have had to deal. It has done it in a clean, easy-to-use way and without hoops through which users must jump.

Easy, reliable, Rondee. Check it out!